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Click & Collect Lockers

Pickup Locker Stations are the Final Piece of your Click & Collect Puzzle

Along with their partner, Strongpoint, OPI offers both permanently installed fixed stations or mobile stations. Both permanent and mobile stations are available with three-temperature zones – Ambient, Chilled, and Frozen – integrated smart locker software, and custom colors and branding.

Mobile Pickup Lockers

Mobile Locker Stations

Click & Collect Lockers… on wheels! These towable lockers are fully customizable and have all the same features of permanent lockers in a more compact station you can quickly and easily set up wherever you need them.

Order Picking Solutions

OPI Click & Collect Solutions free retailers from third-party apps.

Compared to third-party delivery apps, a customized, integrated OPI Click & Collect solution allows the retailer to maintain complete control over their customer experience.

No more app shoppers crowding your aisles, more concerned with filling as many orders as quickly as possible than they are about representing your business to your customers. Your own staff knows your store well enough to quickly fill orders, and can handle any issues or feedback according to your policies, not someone elses.

Mobile Self-Checkout Kiosk

Customer convenience on-the-go!

With OPI’s Mobile Self-Checkout Kiosk,
built around the Zebra Workstation Cradle or Zebra PH10 Point of Sale Hub, you get all the benefits of other self-checkout solutions, but with significant cost savings and the added flexibility of mobility – quickly set it up when and where you need it!

MPOS and Price Checker Kiosks

Custom Price Checkers

Easy to Use, easy to install, easy on your budget.

Powered by the Zebra cc600/6000 Customer Concierge Devices, OPI Price Checker solutions improve in-store customer experiences, make compliance easy, and optimize operations. The easy to install, custom price check kiosks can be integrated with existing POS systems or run independently.

Three Kiosks

Meet the Rest of the Family.

The Mobile Self-Checkout Kiosk is only one member of OPI’s family of Self-service retail kiosks. Featuring multiple configurations, custom branding and optional add-ons, OPI can create the ultimate kiosk solution for you!

A Better Retail Experience with Personal Shopping Solutions

The retail environment is rapidly evolving. With the dramatic rise of online shopping, it is critical that retailers enhance the in-store shopping experience. Personal Shopping Solutions are making this happen. With instant information, no hassles and a fast checkout, PSS delivers what cutomers want.

Zebra PS20

The Zebra PS20

Give every customer the ultimate personalized shopping experience with the next generation shopping assistant, the Zebra PS20. The PS20 is the most rugged device in it’s class, ready for everyday all-day use, and the familiar Android operating system and first-time, every-time barcode scanning make it the most user-friendly as well. Watch our PS20 Unboxing video for a full tour of features and functions.

Personal Shopping Solutions

Custom Racking

As part of an OPI solution, we can create a custom built charging rack for your store’s devices in any color and custom branded.

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Food Safety Solutions

Automated Food Safety Saves Time and Money, and Keeps Customers Safe

In order to ensure the safety and health of their customers, food producers and retailers have a responsibility to continue to improve upon their food safety systems. OPI’s Food Safety Solution includes top-of-the-line mobile devices from Zebra Technologies, temperature sensing equipment and probe thermometers, leading-edge software applications, expert compliance facilitation, and OPI’s superior services and support complete the picture.

Why Automate Food Safety?

OPI’s automated Food Safety Solution offers multiple time and money-saving benefits compared to pen & paper record keeping.

Paperless Productivity

Eliminate the paper that’s bogging your food safety system down, and the time it takes to file and process it.

Quick and Easy Accuracy

Perform faster inspections with less opportunity for skipped tasks, human error, or lost data.

Real-time Visibility

Eliminate the paper that’s bogging your food safety system down, and the time it takes to file and process it.

Foolproof Compliance

Included as part of OPI’s solution, expert compliance facilitators help navigate complex regulations.

OPI White Paper: The Best Defense


THE BEST DEFENSE: How Automated Technology Tools Can Improve Food Safety

This brand new white paper from OPI takes a deeper dive into why food safety modernization is necessary now, how it benefits businesses and keeps consumers safer.

Use Case Image

Use Case

Pen and Paper vs OPI’s Automated
Food Safety Solution

View our Use Case to learn about how OPI’s automated Food Safety Solution offers multiple time and money-saving benefits compared to pen & paper record keeping.

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