OPI has Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries.

Companies in a range of diverse industries turn to OPI for application-driven solutions featuring best-in-class products.

OPI has a comprehensive solution designed to meet Interactive Kiosk, Enterprise Mobility and RFID and wireless challenges in every industry. OPI’s client base spans several industries, each industry leveraging the powerful depth and breadth of our solutions in unique and innovative ways.


From Tier One retail chains to family-owned stores to niche boutiques, we’ve worked with them all and created solutions to help them thrive and grow! Simply put, for over two decades OPI’s team of world-class professionals have helped countless US retailers save time, money and stress… all while helping to improve their bottom lines!


As technology develops, warehousing, fullfillment, transportation and delivery of goods becomes more complex. OPI’s Enterprise Mobility solutions can help add automation and real-time data to help any supply chain business fulfill orders, expedite shipments and deliveries, reduce errors and loss, and keep employees on task.


Hospitals, outpatient centers and doctor’s offices have so much data to manage that they can easily develop inefficiency at epidemic levels.  OPI healthcare solutions can treat these symptoms – helping to reduce errors and free up staff member’s time allowing them to provide better patient care.


Manufacturing businesses have a lot of moving parts – and we don’t just mean on the assembly line. Data must move and update quickly and accurately and be able to be retreived easily. Real-time RFID enhanced asset and workforce tracking can mass-produce productivity and increase safety.


In office settings, information is filed, retrieved and moved from location to location as needed. Accurate, real-time data is a key factor in any business running smoothly and successfully. From kiosks to networking to asset and staff tracking, OPI has just the portfolio of solutions to help you get down to business.


While we at Optical Phusion certainly have industries we work with more often than others, we are by no means limited to solutions tailored only to specific industries.  The same technology can be applied to multiple enterprises to create innovative and valuable solutions for Education, Hospitality, Travel, Recreation, Government and Non-profit organizations.