OPI Cross-industry Solutions

OPI solutions that multi-task.

We have found that some OPI solutions that can easily apply to almost any industry. Almost every business in every industry could benefit from better mobility, increased visibility and a more robust network.

OPI is here to lend a hand, with leading-edge technology and top-notch services.

Leading-edge Technology

OPI is dedicated to carrying best-in-class products, which are included in all OPI Solutions.

Total Integration

OPI designs solutions that can be implemented as seamlessly as possible.

Problem Solvers

Every OPI solution is tailored and customized to address the specific concerns of your company.

Services & Support

Products tend to grab the spotlight, but services and support are the real stars of OPI solutions.

Mobility Solutions

Tired of being tied down? OPI Mobility Solutions will keep your business on the move!

Let OPI create a custom Mobility Solution for your business. We’ll help you choose the mobile computers, tablets, printers or other mobile devices that are the best fit. We’ll then select and customize and/or develop the software needed for these devices to play the role they need to play in your organization. And once deployed, we’ll provide on-going support and services for the lifetime of all devices.

Field Mobility

Do your employees work from the road or in the field? Have you struggled to optimize their time and make sure they arrive on schedule for appointments or decrease time spent at each service call? An OPI Mobility Solution is the answer.

Field Sales

Do your employees get the most out of each sales call? Mobile Devices enable them to walk into every meeting better prepared. These devices also store sales contacts and client information, as well as keeping schedules.

Fleet Management

Maximizing truck utilization and driver productivity for efficient route planning requires visibility of vehicle locations, assurance of fleet performance and safe communication with drivers throughout the day.

Enterprise Mobility Devices

Why invest in enterprise-grade devices? Perhaps it is better to have your employees use mobile smartphones for all these functions? As it turns out, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of consumer-grade mobile devices like smartphones is 51% higher.

Enterprise mobility devices also go beyond standard smartphone capabilities. From built-in 1D and 2D scanning capability to magnetic stripe readers and hybrid RFID readers, there’s a mobile device to suit every need. OPI’s mobility devices include tablets, smartphone sleds, mobile printers and handheld RFID readers. We will assess your business needs and your current systems and select devices best suited to those purposes to include in your mobility solution.

Enterprise Mobility Software


OPI offers the ability to control the applications on each of your enterprise mobile devices. AppCenter lets you decide which apps to make available for specific users or groups of users, as well as which icons are displayed in the device status bar.

MobiControl from SOTI 

OPI partner, SOTI, offers MobiControl, an enterprise management software that allows organizations to manage, support, secure and track corporate-liable and employee-liable mobile devices from end to end.

AirWatch from VMWare

AirWatch from OPI Partner, VMWare, allows for complete mobility management solutions for all mobile devices, including security, productivity and management capabilities including remote asset tracking, remote commands, and configuration settings.

Enterprise Mobility Services

OPI services and support complete every one of OPI’s solutions. The following services are available for all Mobility Solutions.

Professional Services

Solution Lifecycle Management

OPI Professional Services manages the entire lifecycle of every Mobility Solution. We design your mobility solution from conception through roll out and provide on-going support and services.


Device Staging and Configuration

OPI “stages” each device in your mobility solution with customized applications, settings and configuration included in our mobility solutions. We can also reconfigure existing devices for new roles or applications.

Network Installation

OPI conducts site surveys to assess and update existing networks, or design and install them from scratch when necessary, in order to enable you to deploy your mobility solution.

Field & Mobility Services

Mobility Services

From mobile device support through device retirement & recycling, OPI Mobility Services covers the entire lifecycle of your enterprise mobility devices.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage is a no questions asked hardware maintenance program which includes normal wear and tear and accidental breakage.


Spares Pool Managment & Advanced Replacement

With our mobile device spares pool program, we offer you the option of using your own spares pool hosted at our facility or as part of an OPI Advanced Replacement Exchange Program, OPI will purchase and manage the spares pool.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions


Mobile device management (MDM) is an industry term for the administration of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop computers. MDM is implemented with a combination of software products that have management features for particular vendors of mobile devices and services for those devices.


Optical Phusion is proud to offer you a choice of best-in-class device management solutions. By providing multiple MDM options, OPI gives the ability to choose the right solution for your device management needs and reduce the deployment time for the devices critical to your enterprise. These solutions give you full account control of devices through their entire lifecycle, including consumer devices. Choosing OPI allows you to focus on your business by reducing the complexity of hardware and software, thereby increasing your ROI and revenue.

Key Features of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution



It can be an overwhelming task to ensure that your employees are provisioned with the working, properly configured mobile devices they need. Different workers have different mobile requirements. You may want to provide contract or temp employees with limited access. Warehouse and factory floor workers and delivery drivers need rugged devices that can stand up to use without damage. Job changes, devices that need repair or maintenance, regional company policy variances and government regulation add even more complexity to the task. OPI MDM Solutions can provide services and software products that simplify device provisioning, configuration and even retirement.


Device enrollment is a critical first step for mobility management. However, it can present a challenge for IT departments that are tasked with provisioning large numbers of devices across different areas of the business and different geographic locations. Administrators must enroll new devices with full security, application policies, device configurations, and enterprise resources, while dealing with management pressure and user expectations for rapid availability. As part of an OPI MDM Solution, we can set up a device database and provide software applications that will make enrollment of all of your devices easy.



Ensuring that only the owner or assigned employee can use a mobile device and only in an appropriate manner is a big part of device security. Biometric and two-factor authentication prevent unauthorized access to valuable corporate data and documents. With an OPI MDM Solution, you can mandate password rules, screen timeouts and any authentication rules on the company’s devices, ensuring they are secure. OPI MDM Solutions can also allow you to track lost or stolen devices, remote lock and remote wipe features. RFID tags can also be affixed to devices that are not supposed to leave company property. Fixed RFID Readers at building entrances can alert you if employees leave with a device.


Application and content management can be extremely complicated; provisioning what apps are allowed on what device, managing updates, configuring settings, allowing access to company data and information, all of these activities are required on a regular basis. OPI MDM Solutions can enable over-the-air distribution, configuration, updating, and removal of apps or content from your enterprise library or public app store. Also, your employees can be given unified credentials across all applications and devices, so no matter which device they sign into, they only have access to the apps and content they are meant to.


Any Enterprise Mobility Device can be part of a MDM Solution. Some Solutions can also include Fixed RFID portals for security.


AppCenter, MobiControl by SOTI and AirWatch by VMWare are all part of our MDM Solutions


Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions can require many of OPI’s Professional Services, including project management, network services and more.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions take full advantage of OPI’s Mobility and Depot Services for on-going service and support.

RFID Solutions

Give your organization the power of visibility.

OPI RFID Solutions give you the asset visibility you need to streamline operations, maximize asset utilization and error-proof asset-related data.

Asset Location

Asset management is simplified with RFID technology that turns the physical into the digital for accurate inventory and location information that helps your organization save considerable time and money.

Personnel Visibility

An RFID chip with a unique identifier is embedded in each employee badge. RFID portals are established at each of a building’s entry and exit points. Being able to track where employees are can keep them safer and your business more secure.

Tool & Equipment Management

Keep inventory and replacement costs down through real-time tool inventory management. Maintain accurate and automatic logs of equipment and safety checks on necessary equipment.

RFID Solution Devices

OPI Location Solutions utilizes RFID technology to increase visibility and real-time information. OPI offers two varieties of RFID Reader devices: Handheld and Fixed.

For some RFID location solutions, devices and software can be bundled with an assortment of RFID tags. All tags included in these bundles are passive Gen 2, Rev 2 compatible, and are selected to offer different read characteristics when applied to various materials such as corrugated, glass, metal or plastics.

OPI also offers several printers capable of printing Labels or ID card with embedded RFID tags.

Industrial Printers

Print RFID embedded labels with the Zebra 110Xi4 & 140Xi4

ID Card Printers

Print RFID Embedded ID Cards with Zebra’s ZXP Series 7 Printers

Wristband Printer

Create RFID embedded wristbands with Zebra’s HC100 Wristband printer

RFID Solutions Software

Collect, Filter and Track RFID Data with eTrack

A key to RFID is setting up the system – deciding what information to collect, the assets and products to be labeled and what to show on your handheld screens. eTrack software can search for a single item or group of items and their associated RFID numbers. eTrack can also filter by prefix, suffix or other common data strings.

RFID Solutions Services

OPI services and support complete every one of OPI’s solutions. The following services are available for all RFID Location Solutions.

Professional Services

Solution Lifecycle Management

OPI designs your mobility solution from conception through roll out and beyond.


Device Configuration

OPI provides customized configuration of every device included in our mobility solutions.

Network & RFID Installation

OPI can assess and update existing networks or design and install them from scratch.

Field & Mobility Services

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage is a no questions asked hardware maintenance program which includes normal wear and tear and accidental breakage.

Spares Pool Managment

With our mobile device spares pool program, we offer you the option of using your own spares pool hosted at our facility…


Advanced Replacement

…Or as part of an OPI Advanced Replacement Exchange Program, OPI will purchase and manage the spares pool.

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