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About Optical Phusion, Inc.

Optical Phusion, Inc. (OPI) is a self-service kiosk, enterprise mobility and wireless technology integration solutions company that helps customers manage the entire lifecycle of kiosk and wireless technology projects with application-driven solutions for a range of markets specializing in retail, logistics and field sales organizations. Its mobile device management solution supports a broad range of kiosk and enterprise mobile assets. OPI has implemented a variety of Kiosk systems for promotional Video presentation, Coupon Printing, Loyalty Registration and Price Verification. OPI’s creative kiosk designs, quality manufacturing and experience with critical components will deliver a responsive solution to your needs, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater return on investment (ROI).

Productivity, efficiency and profitability are coveted goals for every business. Mobility and wireless technology can impact these crucial areas in powerful ways, especially for companies that partner with Optical Phusion.

We are experts in helping our customers manage the entire lifecycle of their enterprise mobility and wireless technology projects.

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  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Business
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Optical Phusion Executive Team

Rich Valarioti

Rich Valarioti


Rich Valarioti founded Optical Phusion Inc. in 2004 with a mission to offer our customers the best products with the best customer service.

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Rich Valarioti founded Optical Phusion Inc. in 2004. Valarioti is an entrepreneur who has driven customer growth and satisfaction in various business ventures and market segments. Valarioti spent 12 years in sales with Datachecker, DTS and IBM in the POS/Barcoding Industry in major accounts and as a VAR. Valarioti, founded OPI with a mission to offer our customers the best products with the best customer service. OPI became a VAR for Motorola delivering double digit growth in the ADC and Mobility markets. Recently, OPI has expanded Depot Service operations and driven product innovation with new Kiosk offerings and RFID solutions. Valarioti as a retailer feels he understands our customer’s needs and how to contribute to their growth.

Since founding OPI, Valarioti has started and owns various companies in different industries. CMP a franchisee of a leading Automotive Group was ranked the top performing store in New England. Valarioti also founded Nantucket Red a management company that owns and operates Five Guys and Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurants. Valarioti received a B.S. Degree from the University of Ma. Salem and an M.P.A. From Suffolk University Sawyer Graduate Business School. Valarioti currently serves on the Board of Directors of St.Mary’s Credit Union.

Don Gouchie

Don Gouchie

Vice President Technical Operations

Don joined OPI in October 2015 as VP of Technical Operations after nearly 20 years of running the Northeast Sales Engineering organization for Symbol Technologies, Motorola and Zebra Techologies.

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Don joined OPI in October 2015 as VP of Technical Operations after nearly 20 years of running the Northeast Sales Engineering organization for Symbol Technologies, Motorola and Zebra Technologies’. His current team is a dedicated group of Software Engineers, Pre-Sales Engineers and Project Managers who support all OPI’s Services offerings, which include Depot and Staging Services based Littleton, Massachusetts. Don brings to OPI, an extensive background in Mobile Data Solutions, Wireless Solutions, Technical Sales and Professional Services implementation. Prior to joining OPI Don worked for Symbol Technologies and Motorola Solutions as a Manager of Technical Architects of Northeast America and Canada with a focus on Retail and Hospitality verticals. He helped to indoctrinate and train several Technical Architects across the Northeast, and organized Account Support teams to manage high revenue projects.

Tony Rivers

Tony Rivers

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Tony spent nearly 10 years at Symbol Technologies and Motorola as a Territory Sales Manager.

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Tony spent nearly 10 years at Symbol Technologies and Motorola as a Territory Sales Manager. During this time he excelled in major account development, territory growth and exceeding sales and business objectives. His skills include strategic planning, CRM Implementation, sales team recruitment, development and training. Tony is Six Sigma Black Belt Certified and has extensive knowledge and experience in the networking and infrastructure environment.

Award-Winning Solutions

The following are awards and accolades OPI has received.

2017 Datalogic Highest Growth Partner Retail

Optical Phusion (OPI) was recently honored by Datalogic at its annual partner conference for “Highest Growth Partner in Retail.” The company was cited for having the highest sales growth in retail as a Value Added Reseller for 2017. A Datalogic partner for several years, OPI earned the award primarily due to implementation of the JOYA Touch handheld device for OPI’s Personal Shopping Solution for one of their largest customers in the grocery industry. Read the Press Release >

2015 Zebra VAR (Value-Added Reseller) of the Year

OPI was recently honored by global powerhouse, Zebra Technologies Corporation, as its 2015 VAR of the Year
in the “Greater Than $10 Million Category.” A Zebra partner for many years, OPI was cited for having the highest sale growth of any VAR (Value Added Retailer) in its category. Read the Press Release >

2015 CIO Review 20 Most Promising Retail Technology Solutions Providers

In their December 2015 issue, CIO Review featured OPI as one of their Top 20 Retail Technology Solutions providers.Read the Press Release >

2014 Innovative Solutions Award

The award, received for OPI’s consumer price scanners, recognizes innovation in Customer Engagement Technology
and is presented by Vertical Systems Reseller (VSR) magazine and the Retail Solutions Providers Association
(RSPA). Read the Press Release >

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