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Hospitals, outpatient centers and doctor’s offices have so much data to manage that they can easily develop inefficiency at epidemic levels.  OPI healthcare solutions can treat these symptoms – helping to reduce errors and free up staff member’s time allowing them to provide better patient care.

OPI and our partners have our fingers on the pulse of healthcare enterprise technology and our healthcare solutions can revive your facility’s strengths!


In a healthcare environment, kiosks can be utilized to optimize efficiency, making healthcare staff more productive, shortening patient wait times, and reducing errors.

What can an OPI Custom Kiosk Solution do for Healthcare?


Patient Check-in & Registration

Streamline the waiting room by reducing reliance on staff and congestion at the front desk. Facilitate data collection processes and reduce overhead costs associated with data entry, payment collections, and paper records storage.


Patient Education & Info

Provide interactive health information to patients. Great for instances where nutrition or wellness education or training is required to receive government assistance. Health info kiosks at business or public locations can increase awareness and active participation in health and wellness.

Patient Screening

Virtual health screenings via kiosks through questionnaires, video chat with a physician or integrated diagnostic tools like blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, etc.



Guide patients with digital maps of your facility and directories of providers, offices and departments that include floor numbers, room numbers, contact info and more. Help hospital visitors find the departmetn the patient their visiting is in.

Multi-Lingual Platform

Kiosks can be equipped with settings for any language, allowing patients who speak a language different than healthcare staff to easily provide their information and view information on their diagnosis, treatments and prescriptions in the language they’re most comfortable with.

Hiring, Testing & Timeclock

Prospective staff can fill out and submit applications. Staff can clock in and out and receive announcements. Kiosks can be used for interactive employee training and testing for certifications.

WIC Kiosk for Health Providers

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is a federally funded state health & nutrition assistance program for pregnant women, infants, and children under the age of 5. WIC kiosks can provide informational or transactional services and benefit WIC administrators and participants alike.

RFID Medical Device Tracking Solution with eTrack

In a hospital environment, things happen fast – life threatening emergencies, nurses and doctors on the move, unpredictable or wandering patients. In this high-stress setting, errors can occur, including loss of expensive medical devices by theft, damage or simply by staff misplacing the device and not being able to find it when it’s needed.

OPI can quickly customize and collect the data from your tagged equipment and medications and integrate it into your existing database.

The Zebra MC9190-Z handheld RFID reader is remarkably user-friendly and intuitive, mimicking a cell phone with its touch screen. Point, click and follow the screen instructions.

The Medical Device Tracking Solution helps to reduce delay during emergencies by keeping close tabs on medical equipment that must be quickly located.

The clinical staff often spends too much time on non-patient care activities, including searching for portable medical equipment. RFID lets you keep close track of inventory on a real-time basis.

RFID Portals can send alerts when people attempt to leave the premises with tagged devices, or even remove them from the part of the facility where they belong.

Scanning an RFID tag can bring up more information about a device than just the tag. Devices can be marked as damaged or in need of sanitizing, or designated to certain departments to prevent cross department use.

eTrack Search Mode

Find specific devices or groups of devices in SEARCH MODE, ignoring all other RFID tags.


eTrack Tag Filtering

Search for a subset in a group by specifying a required prefix, suffix or common data string, filtering out unnecessary tags.

eTrack P.O.C. Bundle

Your solution can include an assortment of passive Gen 2, Rev 2 RFID Tags that offer different read characteristics when applied to various materials.


Zebra MC3190-Z Handheld RFID Reader


eTrack RFID Search & Track Software


Professional and Field & Mobility Services


Staff & Patient Tracking (and More!)


Just as loss or theft of expensive medical devices can occur, the fast-paced medical environment can lead to patient-related errors as well. A Mobility or RFID Solution (or a combination solution) from OPI, can help reduce these errors as well.

Staff ID and Access

RFID embedded staff ID tags can improve the security of your facility, and of sensitive medical records, by allowing only certain staff members to have access to certain areas like pharmacy storage, speciman labs and records rooms.

Patient ID & Tracking

RFID or barcoded Patient wristbands can help staff keep track of patients who may wander. Staff can scan Patient wristbands to prevent the miss-indentification of patients and prevent them from receiving incorrect medication or treatment.

Pharmacy Management

Barcode labels can be scanned to verify and record dispensing, and check the NDC number against the prescription order. RFID tags on pharmacy bottles and containers can prevent theft of restricted narcotics or expensive pharmaceuticals.

Labor and Delivery ID

Research has found that up to 100 babies are switched at birth in hospitals every year. Matching RFID or barcoded Mother and Infant ID wrist and ankle bands can prevent this.

Speciman Track & Match

Labels matching the RFID tags or barcodes on a patient’s wristband can ensure that a speciman will not get miss-identified RFID tagged specimans can be scanned for if they are lost. Mobile Printers allow staff to properly label specimans as soon as they are collected.

Medical File Tracking

Medical charts and physical records must be carefully tracked to meet chain of custody and privacy requirements. Temporarily misplaced charts can be a serious problem.  RFID tagging can allow for easy tracking.

Mobility & Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions for Healthcare


Enterprise Mobility Devices


Mobility Software


Professional and Field & Mobility Services


Let OPI create a custom Mobility Solution for your Healthcare Facility or Practice. We’ll help you choose the mobile computers & tablets, printers, scanners or other mobile devices that are the best fit. We’ll select and customize and/or develop the software needed for these devices to play the role they need to. Once deployed, we’ll provide on-going support and services for the lifetime of all devices.

The following Enterprise Mobility Devices are purpose-built for Supply Chain Use:

MOBILE COMPUTERS: TC51/56 Series and MC40 Touch Computers



HANDHELD RFID READERS: DS9808-R General Purpose Scanner

MOBILE PRINTERS: QLn Series Healthcare Printers

Other devices purpose-built with the dependability and easy cleaning and sanitizing needed for Healthcare use:

Desktop Printers

The GX420/430, GK420 and GT800 all print healthcare labeling.  The HC100 Wristband printer can produce barcoded or RFID embedded patient ID Wristbands.

ID Card Printers

The ZXP Series 7 ID Card Printers can produce RFID embedded staff ID cards.

MDM (Mobile Device Management) FOR HEALTHCARE

An OPI Mobile Device Management Solution is vital for any healthcare organization. The US Dept. of Health and Human services archives all data breaches that affect 500 patients or more. In recent years, a high percentage of breaches have been traced to “other portable electronic device[s].”  In many of these cases, mobile data was a target for cybercrime because the provider had failed to implement proper security measures and training. Optical Phusion is proud to offer you a choice of best-in-class device management solutions. These solutions give you full account control of devices through their entire lifecycle.


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