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Comprehensive Solutions set OPI Apart


At OPI, we define a Solution as the perfect combination of hardware and software products along with services and support, creating a complete package that improves our client’s business. The synergy of OPI’s in-house products, services and support with those of our industry-leading partners create elite solutions that will give your business the edge it needs to thrive.


OPI Solutions can be broken down into four main branches:


OPI Solutions – A Formula for Success

Industry-leading Hardware

In collaboration with our partners, we offer top-of-the-line enterprise devices and equipment. We will guide you in selecting the products that are the best fit for your business and your budget.

Flexible Software

We compliment our quality devices with innovative software made to integrate seamlessly with your current system. Our in-house development team can add functions or even create original applications to suit your needs.

Professional Services are Key.

Implementing a mobile or wireless solution of any size is challenging with multiple vendors and many complex components. But when you partner with OPI, your implementation is hassle-free.

On-going Support

We don’t simply sell you a solution, ship you the equipment and expect you to master it with only user manuals and online tutorials. We are your partner. We are with you every step of the way providing training and support.

Full Integration Reduces Disruption.

Like most companies, your business has established day-to-day routines. However, even positive changes, like adopting new technology, can temporarily lower productivity and increase stress.

At OPI, we understand this and do everything we can to ensure that implementation is effortless. Our Solutions are customized for your business and designed to be fully integrated into your operation, working seamlessly with current technology and databases.

It’s all about data.

Data is the fuel that moves business forward.  It can be daunting to collect, tiresome to organize and confusing to interpret.  How do you pinpoint the data you need? How do you incorporate it into your business strategy?

This is where OPI Solutions comes in. The main objective of any OPI Solution, is to simplify and automate the capture and management of the critical information that will enhance your business.

Cross-Industry Solutions

Many of our Solutions can be utilized to increase real-time visibililty, optimize productivity and empower workers in a variety of settings in multiple industries.  These include:

Interactive Kiosk Solutions  | Mobility Solutions  |  RFID Solutions  |  Network Solutions

Interactive Kiosk Solutions

Interactive Kiosks are being installed at a rapid pace.  According to the latest data, a new kiosk comes online every 11 minutes. OPI took early notice of this demand and made it our mission to become kiosk gurus.

Today, OPI provides custom solutions that combine specialized hardware and software that enable our kiosk solutions to be used effectively in a wide range roles and industries.

Networking Solutions

Networks are the enabling technology that makes all of our other solutions possible. Having an organized, stable network infrastructure not only allows your business to implement our solutions, but run smoothly and efficiently in many other ways.

In conjunction with our partner, Extreme Wireless, OPI offers full-service IP network services. We will assess, optimize and upgrade existing networks or install a full wireless networking solution from scratch.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Retail Solutions

Retail solutions combine our knowledge and insight with the latest technology to help retailers increase customer satisfaction while boosting sales and productivity.

Logistics Solutions

Solutions specialized for supply chain companies – including fulfillment and transport – are designed to accelerate productivity, profitability and operations.

Manufacturing Solutions

OPI Solutions help manufacturers succeed by connecting them to the real-time information intelligence they need to shave off seconds, drive down defects and work more safely.

Healthcare Solutions

With OPI solutions, healthcare workers can streamline patient services, locate equipment quickly and administer treatment and medication accurately.

Business Solutions

OPI Business Solutions allow for easy data collection, as well as management and file tracking for legal and financial firms, insurance companies and other office settings.

Other Industries

OPI Solutions can also benefit other industries, including but delete-certainly not limited to: Education; Travel, Tourism and Hospitality; Government and Non-profit.



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