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The OPI Family of Self-Service Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosk Family


All OPI Self Service Kiosk Solutions are user-friendly, they reduce lines and consumer transaction times, and optimize staff time.


OPI Self Service Kiosk solutions will integrate seamlessly with your store’s existing POS systems.


Stands and enclosures come in any color and can include custom branding and/or product placement advertising.


OPI offers removeable counters, bag holders, and even options for product storage.

Grocery Customer

Self Service Solutions for Every Retail Environment.

CC6000 Kiosk

CC6000 Customer Concierge

Compact, Simple


Custom Self-Checkout Kiosk

Custom Self-Checkout Kiosk

Speed, Simplicity and Convenience built for
your store.


Mobile Self-Checkout Kiosk

Mobile Self-Checkout Kiosk

Speed, Simplicity and Convenience in a portable, on-demand solution.


Do my customers want self-checkout?

In an eMarketer Ecommerce Survey * conducted in December 2019, participants were asked how interested they were in using Self-service checkout at stores. The graph shown here shows how they answered.

This graph, which reflects the total of all respondents, and shows that 86% responded that they already use or are interested in using self-checkout options. When broken down by age group, 93% of respondents between 18 and 34 answering they already use them or are interested.


  • Use it regularly 47% 47%
  • Have Used, but not regularly 31% 31%
  • Have not used, but interested 8% 8%
  • Have not used, and not interested 12% 12%
  • Don’t know what this is 2% 2%

*Source: “The eMarketer eCommerce Survey” conducted in December 2019 by Bizrate Insights, December 17, 2019
Note: Numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding. Respondents were 911 US internet users ages 18+ were surveyed online during December 1-14, 2019.

CC6000 Kiosk

Endless Aisle, Limitless Service.


Powered by the Zebra’s CC6000 self-service kiosk, you can give shoppers the convenience of self-service transactions like price checks and wayfinding, allow them to browse your entire inventory instead of only what’s on your shelves, and tie the CC6000 to your existing loyalty program for coupons and other offers. Empower shoppers to discover, browse and purchase all on their own with this ultra-compact, out-of-the-box self service kiosk solution.

CC6000 Screen

With the CC6000 you get the latest self-service platform — with Android Oreo, an ultra-powerful processor, high-definition multi-touch display, Zebra’s industry leading barcode scanning, and more.

CC6000 Wall Mount

Free Standing, Wall mount, and Counter-mount options available, making the compact, versatile CC6000 ideal for small retailers or department stores.

Smart, modular Self-Checkout that’s suited to your store.

From screen size to scanning, printing to payment options, the hardware components that go in to your Custom Self-Checkout Kiosks are all selected for your needs, and can be individually upgraded in the future. The small footprint of the free standing kiosks allow for more check-out options in less space than a standard check-out lane. If free-standing kiosks aren’t a good fit for your space, we offer counter or even wall mounted options.

Custom Self-checkout Kiosk with Shelf

The Custom Kiosks have multiple additional accessories available to incorporate into designing the perfect self-checkout solution, including removable counters for items, bag holders, and more!

Custom Self Checkout Kiosks
Mobile Self-Checkout Kiosk

Self-Checkout On The Go.

OPI’s new Mobile Self-Checkout Station built around the Zebra Workstation Cradle or Zebra PH10 Point of Sale Hub has all the benefits of other self-checkout solutions with the added flexibility of mobility – quickly set it up and enable it when and where you need it with the Zebra TC52!


The Zebra TC52 can power through a workstation cradle or a traditional single slot cradle while connected to the PH10 Point of Sale Hub on the Mobile Self-Checkout station.

Zebra TC52


OPI’s self-service solutions are designed to easily integrate with point of sale software solutions. It supports multiple OEM’s for hardware needs such as payment, screens, scanners and printers. This flexibility allows for the kiosks to seamlessly become part of your store systems.


OPI’s end-to-end approach ensures the long-term success of our solutions. Your experienced OPI Account Manager will be with you from development through deployment and on-going support. We are your partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your self-checkout kiosk solution.

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