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6 Things to Consider When Choosing an Order Picking Solution for Online Grocery Fulfillment

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OPI & Strongpoint Picking Whitepaper

What’s Inside

Created by OPI and Strongpoint, this exclusive, free Whitepaper explores six key things for retailers to consider as they select an order picking solution to fulfill online grocery orders that both meets customer experience expectations and is profitable for the retailer.

The OPI & Strongpoint Order Picking Solution

An efficient picking process is key to a successful Click & Collect system. Watch this video for a quick demonstration of how this picking solution works and visit our Click & Collect page to learn more about OPI Order Picking Solutions utilizing top-of-the-line hardware from Zebra Technologies. 

Strongpoint Award

Award Winning Expertise

OPI partner, Strongpoint, won Best “New Retail” Solution award at the Smart Retail Tech Expo in March 2022 for this Order Picking Solution. The award celebrates the cutting-edge technology that delivers the highest level of productivity and efficiency in the online retail sector of today.

Locker Pick-up

OPI & Strongpoint Last-mile Locker Solutions

Visit our Last-mile Locker Solutions page to learn more about all of the features and benefits of the smart, pick-up lockers offered by OPI and Strongpoint.

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