Personal Shopping Solutions

This contactless, personalized self-scanning solution brings the in-store shopping experience into the future.
PSS DevicesHow it works

What is a PSS?

A Personal Shopping Solution is a technology-based system that makes shopping easy, fast, and secure. A PSS enhances the shopping experience in multiple ways. The solution allows your customers to scan products as they shop, look up information, get special offers, and skip the checkout line with quick, secure check out all from a user-friendly touchscreen device.

How it Works

Release a PSS Device

Upon arriving, the customer proceeds to the display racks where devices are stored and charged when not in use. The integrated touchscreen kiosk allows customers to scan a loyalty card or enter a customer ID to release a scanning device.

Personalized Experience

The PSS application recognizes each shopper with a personalized greeting, stores past purchases, and connects to store mobile apps to load coupons and shopping lists, organized by aisle. 

Shop and Scan

As they select their purchases, customers scan each item as they place them in their cart or basket, even bag them as they go. They can also scan items to price check, or search for items they can’t find or replacements for out of stock items. The device cradles attached to their cart allow for hands-free scanning.

Assisted Selling

Assisted selling features allow customers to scan print coupons, load promotional offers, and recommend complementary products. The devices can react to beacons and display offers based on the customers’ location in the store.

Secure Checkout

Customers can quickly and securely checkout on their device with card payments, or proceed to designated self-checkout stations where they can scan their device and pay with cash. Once they’ve paid, they return the device to the display.

Personal Shopping Solutions

A Better Shopping Experience

The retail environment is rapidly evolving. With the dramatic rise of online shopping, it is critical that retailers, especially grocers, enhance the in-store shopping experience. Personal Shopping Solutions are making this happen. With instant information, no hassles and a fast checkout, PSS delivers what cutomers want.

What customers have to say…

When asked about PSS and other self-checkout options and their shopping experience, customers indicated comfort with in-store technology and how it affects their shopping experience.


Agree that In-store technology is a benefit


Say Self-checkout options improve experience


Want personalized in-store shopping experiences


Are Likely to use a Personal Shopping device


of those who have used a PSS device plan to continue

PSS Works for Retailers

Retailers who have implemented a Personal Shopping Solution (PSS) are seeing an increase in loyalty and frequency of visits, which has lifted sales. With a handheld scanning device, like the PS20 Personal Shopper from Zebra Technologies or the Joya Touch from Datalogic, your customers can retrieve instant information, as well as scan items as they shop for faster checkout. The result? Your customers spend less time in the store, save more and purchase more, boosting customer satisfaction, basket size and sales.

Month Return on Investment (ROI)


Increase in Sales


Increase in Employee Productivity


Increase in Customer Loyalty

Personal Shopping Devices

OPI offers two main options for Customer-facing scanning devices as part of our PSS Solutions. Both devices feature large all-touch displays, similar to a smartphone screen, with advanced scanning and the power to run virtually any shopping application.

PS20 Personal Shopper

from Zebra Technologies

Building on the successful and proven MC18, the PS20 adds loads of features that propel this ‘double-duty’ device to the head of its class to delivery revolutionary in-store service- and staff productivity. Android provides instant familiarity. The advanced touchscreen works when wet and is easy to see in virtually any lighting condition.  Advanced scanning technology means easy first-time every-time capture of virtually every 1D, 2D electronic and printed barcode – including Digimarc support. Rich locationing support delivers one-to-one personalized coupons, discounts, shipping paths and more.


Watch our Unboxing Video to learn more about the PS20. 

Zebra PS20

Joya Touch Self Shopping Handheld

from Datalogic

The Joya Touch multi-purpose device allows for Self-shopping functions as well as operational such as shelf replenishment, inventory control, mark downs, and more. This device supports beadons and comes with innovative features like wireless charging, fast charging mode and Datalogic SoftSpot technology for an easy to use soft trigger. The Joya Touch is available as a handheld or with a pistol grip handle, and can be personalized by changing the color of the logo on the front and the upper case and battery cover/pistol grip. Custom screen protectors are also available in corporate colors or with store branding, or can be used for sponsor advertising space.

Joya Touch A6


OPI can supply your store with device cradles that attach to shopping carts, keeping devices easily accesible for your customers while shopping and reducing the number of times devices are dropped.


As part of an OPI solution, we can create a custom built rack to hold and charge your store’s devices. The rack can be any color and custom branded. OPI custom kiosks can be integrated into the display as well.


Both devices support powerful mobile platforms, making for a fully-equipped out-of-the-box PSS solution.


Shoppers can scan and bag items while walking through the store and keep track of total price, savings and shopping lists.



Customers can skip the check-out line and pay directly on the handheld scanner, at designated pay kiosks, or on their smartphone via a store app.



PSS Software offers various innovative functions like pushed promotions, mobile loyalty and beaconing. In addition, your customers have the option of using your stores’ customized App on their smartphones with the same content and capabilities.

Personal Shopping Solution Resources

OPI Resources:


OPI Professional and Mobility services complete your Solution and truly set OPI apart from other solution providers.


OPI’s end-to-end approach to project management ensures the success of your PSS solution. We are your partner from the
planning stages, when we help to custom design your solution, through providing on-going help desk support and device and
system maintenance.


Mobile device management (MDM) services play a key role in a PSS Solution. Update software and control access on all of your devices from a central console. To prevent loss, each of your stores’ customer-facing devices can be RFID tagged and you will receive an alert if they’re taken out of the building.


OPI Mobility Depot services prevent PSS device downtime. Comprehensive Coverage includes device replacement and repairs. If you enroll in Advanced Replacement and Spares Pool Management, OPI will maintain a pool of spare devices and can quickly replace defective devices, within 24 hours where possible.

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