2016: Our Year in Review

It’s been quite a year at Optical Phusion!

Like the industries we serve, OPI never stands still.
Here are just a few highlights from 2016 that you may have missed!


We published two white papers for our grocery retailers, most recently our White Paper “Grocers and Meat Grinding: Technology Can Simplify the Record Keeping Progress.”

This White Paper provides an excellent solution for stores that grind their own meat to quickly and easily keep records in compliance with the USDA rule that went into effect this year.

Also, you can view our other White Paper “Kiosks: An Easy and Effective Nutrition Labeling Solution for Grocery Stores.”


OPI was recently honored by global powerhouse, Zebra Technologies Corporation, as its 2015 VAR of the Year in the “Greater Than $10 Million Category.” A Zebra partner for many years, OPI was cited for having the highest sale growth of any VAR (Value Added Retailer) in its category.


Optical Phusion is one of the exclusive resellers who are taking part in the launch of Zebra’s newest handheld – the TC51 Touch Computer – designed with the look and feel of the latest smartphones, but rugged enough to last. See Device >


OPI has expanded it’s custom kiosk offerings and features to keep up with the consumer demand for interactive shopping experiences. If you have been considering kiosks, or want to know what the benefits are, please take a look at our March 2016 newsletter “A Retailers Guide to Kiosks.”

You can also learn more about OPI Kiosk solutions here.