Mobility Technologies

Challenge and Opportunities for Retailers

The retail experience is changing with Mobility Technologies among the catalysts. Consumers are no longer tied to brick and mortar stores. Technologies likes smartphones, tablets and cloud services provide the mobility that lets them scour the Internet, compare prices, view photos and use multiple channels to buy merchandise from anywhere at anytime.

Mobility Technologies presents both challenges and opportunities for retailers. How do you keep customers in your stores, especially millennials and a digital generation that enjoys shopping from home, in-store or on the go?

But with this challenge comes opportunity.

Here are some ways that companies are enhancing the in-store experience for their customers.


With kiosks in place, customers now have self-service options at checkout and throughout the store as they shop. This lets them quickly check prices on their own. In addition, shoppers who are part of a loyalty program can scan their rewards card and print coupons on-site. Kiosks also allow customers to find the location of a product with the scan of a bar code or press of a button. LEARN MORE >


Consumer feedback clearly shows that self-scanning makes a shopping trip faster and more enjoyable. In fact, due to the smartphone explosion, many retailers are enabling customers to shop with their phones or other mobile devices. These stores are seeing an increase in loyalty and frequency of visits. LEARN MORE >


Video6 is a kiosk software feature exclusively from OPI. It lets store managers customize a promotional message by department or location within the store, providing an eye-catching way to alert customers to outstanding deals as they shop. LEARN MORE >


Consumers expect consistent information across all channels (both online and in the store). With greater frequency, retailers are now using an Omni-channel approach to track and engage customers across all channels. Many retailers have implemented buy online, pick up in-store programs that reinforce both their online presence and their brick-and-mortar investment. LEARN MORE >


Consumers today are typically wedded to their smartphone or tablet. If they can’t use these in your store, they are likely to leave, which explains why a growing number of retailers provide free WI-FI.

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